Celebrate with us annual festivals, meetings, concerts with and on the Bounty. So we will see us soon?

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Two complementary projects

SAS Bounty Tahiti is a Polynesian society carrier of the “Bounty Tahiti” project which consists in building a replica of the Bounty into a leading tourist attraction in French Polynesia. The construction project started in April 2012 and is expected to be completed in 2017. In this interval, it is important to educate the public and local authorities on economic opportunities, social and cultural tourism such a project.

Organized by the Junior Chamber of Tahiti

Also, the first “International Festival Bounty” will be held in Tahiti in 2013 to support the construction project of the Bounty. This international event is organized by the Junior Chamber of Tahiti, a non-profit organization established since 1966. It is affiliated to Junior Chamber International (JCI), one of the largest organization of young entrepreneurs citizens.

The festival program

The first “International Bounty Festival ” is declining Bounty themes among three categories :

– Booths

– Animations

– A festive evening

In addition, the festival will conclude a cultural trip specially designed for the occasion by a travel agency of Tahiti. This trip is aimed at all tourists wishing to discover Polynesia under the theme of The Bounty in the Polynesia of the eighteenth century.

Provisional program of the 1st “INTERNATIONAL BOUNTY FESTIVAL”

Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday, October 27, 2013 

10h-21h. Opening of the stands

History: with our experts discover the true story of Fletcher Christian and Captain William Bligh. Meet the family descendants of the Bounty.

Navigation : how the crew of the Bounty reached Tahiti on such a small ship and without any GPS ? How this feat was possible?

Find out by visiting our Navigation booths (European navigation and traditional navigation with the stars).

Bounty Tahiti project : it will stand an overview of the progress of the construction of the replica. You will be able to contribute to this project by making a donation and becoming a privileged contributor.

Food / Kitchen : taste the delicious dishes prepared from the fruit of the breadfruit (uru) and all the fod riches offered in Polynesia.

Our experts will tell you all about the purpose of the trip on the Bounty. Surprises await you !

Literature : Why Tahiti is so famous? Thanks to writers and artists who lived there. Rediscover the works of James Norman Hall and Charles Nordhoff and take a good lesson in literature !

Children : Now it is for you Kids ! Dress up Small sailor of the 18th century and go on an adventure. There are games to you in the festival and somewhere a treasure to discover !

Movie : Marlon Brando, Anthony Hopkins, Mel Gibson and who else? Watch these movies that made you dream. Take the quiz cinema (exploring the Oscars and Hollywood stars …)




Dance performances

Food and drink

Games for children

Saturday october 26th 2013 18h-00h

Bounty evening : costume party with traditional food, songs and dance from the past to relive the history of the Bounty. Popular and friendly atmosphere guaranteed !