Bounty Tahiti core task is based on understanding of the need of customer and provide the highest level of activities on board. The mission of Bounty Tahiti is to creat an environment that will satisfy expectations of customers. In order to satisfy this goal, the company will continually develop response to the customers entertainment needs.

Uniqueness of the service

Bounty Tahiti represents a unique opportunity for new historical experiences on the board of the HMS Bounty. The location of the vessel and lack of direct competitors are major advantage to this project. The company will specialize on board and historical entertainment with rustically restaurant/bar service as will overnight expedition on board. Products/Service will focus on middle aged travellers as well as on families. Service which differentiate Bounty Tahiti from competitors:

- 18th century entertainment (unique in French Polynesia)

- Historical daily cruise

- Original plan of the HMS Bounty of the ship (we are the second Replica worldwide)

- One night experience on Board

- Variety of packages on board (drum-session as well casino which will be the first casino in French Polynesia)