Successfully in the future – many reason for investement!

– We have a durable growing business with a high brand value (Bounty)

– We have a significant and excelent project, unique here in Tahiti

– Our excelent range of product alloweds us for the future a staidy growh

– Our organisation and a highly experienced and qualified staff provides a solid foundation for growth

– Innovation will be the main growth driver – we will adapt stadely our product portfolio

– We have a clear vision or our company in the future

The strong and experienced management team is committed to success

Be our partner – what do we offer for you:

 Management Team

Benjamin Huber has over 20 years experience in Project Management in 10 years experience in the tourism field in Polynesian. He run successfully a Hotel in Tahiti.

The current management team can reach the desired goals set by the business and any futures needs of management, we will hire new team member readily available to replace any member of our management team that leaves.

The company wil be run by Benjamin Huber assisting by the member of the board, which all have experience in the travel and hospitality business as well as the shipping business.


Our pricing will be competitive.

Our products/services is one not matched as we are the only ones with this unique entertainment and adventurous concept. With this aspect we do minimized the risk by establishing a missing part of tourism activities in French Polynesia.

Management risks are overcome by finding strong and experience partners as investors/fundraiser who also plays a passive part in management.

The product/service truly fills an unmet need in the marketplace.

Having the opportunity to be located where we are (host dock is Papeete), with other developments in the area and on the island in general, with no real direct competitions will make us fit nicely into the complete diverse master plan for tourism of French Polynesia.

We have tried to consider all the possible risk involved and our business does have a contingency plan in place for all of the risks.

The whole concept is unique, who else has thought of developing the topic of Bounty, even to bring back the Replica of the HMS Bounty among the Breadfruit, Movie-Stards, History, in a unique country like French Polynesia tourism offering a wide range of service is a once in a life time change.

The financial risk for our business is a delay in finding finance to secure the take-over and become operational, otherwise enough investment sense is available within our management team to cover all investors and bankers, shareholders and loan.

These risks are minimized due to the fact that we are positioning ourselves to fill a gab which is only going to increase and the opportunity is there to be flexible enough to survive through any worst-case scenario.

We are setting up our business not only to rely on the International Market which fluctuates seasonally and economically, but we are going to build a strong local domestic base of clientele within Tahiti mainland.

Financial Summery

Capital Requirements

EUR 2’000’000 is needed to start our business

The board has brought to date EUR 1’000’000 for the project value and require funds to complete the sole take over of the project assets and liabilities, funds requested will help us achieve this, together with the final implementation and operation.

The opportunity is exisiting as to have enough capital to implement the concept and vision which is a once in a life time change to create such a historical vessel.

Investors and banks will get their money back, either through repayment of long term loan of EUR 800’000 each with its full interest after a 10 year period. New investors can also come in replacing the one that wish to pull out of the business.

Share-holder Program. We distribute 3’000 actions with a value of EUR 1’000. Shareholders will be offered to receive dividends, in the first 5 years as natural dividends, and after free to choose either natural our monetary. New shareholders can also come in replacing the ones that wish to pull out the business.

Shareholder Investment Plan

Investment option:

Shareholder benefits

Shareholder of Bounty Tahiti will receive for the first 5 years of their investment when takeing a night-package on the vessel of HMS Bounty Tahiti. The benefits are available to investors that own at least 2 shares (value of EUR 2’000).

Benefits per year: 1 overnight package on the HMS Bounty – value EUR 200. during the first 5 year those benefits can be cumulated (1 year: 1 night; 2nd year, if no benefit as been taken: max 2 overnight package, and so on….)

Dividend Option

You may choose to have cash dividend.

Common Share Description

A limited number or shares (3’000) with a value of EUR 1’000.

Restriction on ownership

Under the Bank of Polynesia, no person or group of associated persons may own more then 10 % of shares.