Technical details

We rebuild the HMAV Bounty and bring her back to French Polynesia to use it as a touristic attraction

SAS Bounty Tahiti will create a replica of the HMAV Bounty based in the port of Papeete, which will delight tourists staying in French Polynesia. The Replica Ship design will be based on the original plan and will offer quality experience to customers (local and tourists, families and individuals) of mostly all ages. Bounty Tahiti will offer its customers an attractive historical lifetime-experience for families and individuals. Rates range from EUR 10 for consumption in the bar to EUR 165 for a night on the ship. Marketing will include print advertising, efficient internet ads and BtoB marketing through travel agencies.

The Replica of the HMAV Bounty will be the main asset of the business. The purpose of Bounty Tahiti will be an unique and historical experience on a unique environment to provide lounge/bar, day cruising and overnight. Based on the above aspects, the company will rebuild the replica based on the original plans (which are in Greenwich in Great Britain) and will arranged the interior section based on his function (restaurant/bar, cabins). Enclose you can see the interior section of the HMAV Bounty