Bounty Tahiti company’s mission

It is not only about the speed of the ship, nor the size of the cabin or the restaurant. It is about a real life time experience on board of an historical replica – the HMAV Bounty. It is about taking our passengers into another world of discovery and entertainment.

Bounty Tahiti company’s core task is based on understanding the customers’ needs and provide them the highest level of activities on board. The mission of the company Bounty Tahiti is to create an environment that will satisfy expectations of customers. In order to satisfy this goal, the company will continually develop response to the customers needs.

A unique experience

Our company offers a unique opportunity for an historical experience on board of the HMAV Bounty. The ship is the only Bounty replica in the world that can be visited and able to sail. Moreover, the ideal location of the vessel on the island of Tahiti, where the story took place, gives to the visitors’ experience an authentic and incredible value. The company will focus on historical entertainment, the visitors can relax in the bar or at the restaurant with its rustic ambience or appreciate a night on board. The Bounty is made for visitors of all ages and from all horizons (family members, international traveller, local resident…). The service on board will be like no other.  The business will offer :

– Accomodation : floating accommodations with 12 cabins decorated in the 18th century style

– Ship visit : museum visits and exploration of the life and the work of the crew (the steering wheel, the space of the guns, the sails etc …). ;

– Sunset cruise : 2 hours cruising around Papeete and the historical site of Matavai Bay and Venus Point. On board you can enjoy nice beverages and snacks.

– Sailing activities : discover how to sail like in the time of the Bounty

– Coffee corner and lounge bar : on board enjoy a nice drink or a perfect snack at any moment of the day

– Souvenir shop : bring back a souvenir from the Bounty